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With E3 2017 wrapped up, it is almost time for the biggest gaming convention of South America to start. Recently, we have posted several articles about the Brazilian Independent Gaming Festival (colloquially known as the BIG Festival), and today we have one more article to let people know some big news coming from it. Recently, a list has come out about the representatives from many gaming companies who will be at the event.

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The BIG Festival will take place between June 24th, 2017 to July 2nd, 2017 at Centro Cultural São Paulo, in São Paulo, Brazil. If you are in Brazil by the time of the event, the entire event is completely free to enjoy everything that it has to offer.


The speakers and attendees include that will be at the festival will include:

  • Grayson Chalmers – Art Outsource Director at Riot Games.
  • Bobby Wertheim – Senior Content Manager at Sega.
  • Curtis Cherrington – Worldwide external development manager at EA.
  • David Stelzer – Board of Directors member of IGDA.
  • Jason Della Rocca – Execution Labs co-founder.
  • Joel Breton – Vice-president Global VR content at HTC Vive.
  • Justin Berenbaum – Team 17 head of publishing and business development.
  • Kate Edwards – Executive Director at IGDA.
  • Mike Foster – Account Manager Developer Relations at Sony Interactive Entertainment America.
  • Paul Hanraets – Founding partner at Gambitious.
  • Reginaldo Valadares – Head of Studio Rovio Stockholm.
  • Rob Laverty – Producer at Miniclip.
  • Shinichi Suzuki – CEO at Marvelous USA/XSEED Games.
  • Steve Escalante – General Manager at Versus Evil.
  • Esteban Lora – Senior Executive Partners and Alliances for Microsoft.
  • Gerard MarinoGod of War composer.


There seems to be a lot of good things to come out of the event this year. If you want to know any additional details about the event before it opens, head to the website below.

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