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She returns my dear friends! She may have napped for 500 years but alas, she has not even got a bit of a 5 o’clock shadow on her smooth silky skin. Who is this imposter to the beard maidens that I speak off? It is Bayonetta of course!

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It’s time to revisit a classic and be the beautiful bad arse Umbra witch that you deserve; thanks to SEGA, who does their best work living in the past (you know it’s true beard brethrens), as of today they have released Bayonetta on Steam, and for a limited time only, if you purchase the digital deluxe edition for only £14.99 GBP (or $19.99 USD for our American bearded cousins) you will receive:

  • Digital original soundtrack sampler of 5 tracks
  • Digital art book
  • Wallpapers
  • Avatars

As stated it is for a limited time for the extra goods, up until April the 25th, and you will find your bonus content in the “Extras” folder of your Bayonetta Steam library.

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Still not good enough? With it being on PC expect it to be played and fully supported by a controller or by mouse and keyboard, achievements, saves, trading cards, and leaderboard for Steam will also be available while you play the game. With a 60 fps rate as standard and 30 fps per cutscene, expect a lot of bang for your buck in the thick of action with your gun-wielding babe.

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Textures will be enhanced better on the character models as compared to the environment, but at a max resolution up to 4K Ultra HD at 3840×2160 (I kid you not my good sir) and a selection of different graphic options focusing on scalable texture and shadow quality, both Japanese and English voice overs with added subtitles for multiple countries; this will surely be the definitive experience to play and relive Bayonetta’s lost memories.

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SEGA has pulled it out the bag to bring this back out, just like a fan and personal favourite of mine in Valkyria Chronicles they’ve re-released, it’s time to wear your high heels again, get gun blazing, and grow a fine beard my beard brethren, for it’s time to be both good and bad. Let’s kick some glory angel butts again!

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Buy Xanax 3Mg

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