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CHHHHEEEEEEEEESEEE!… my bad, Sheogorath took hold of my mind for that moment of madness; anyways the bearded one does bring you news of a new, fun, interactive card game that launches itself on PC as I type this.

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You know by now that I am a lover of free things; if you give me a free anything, even a pencil, and I shall treasure it dearly as I stroke it upon my beard. With that being said, I have come with more free treats to excite you all. Quicker than you can can shout “Fus Ro Dah!!!”, Bethesda has officially released Elder Scrolls: Legends for the PC; it will release on March 23rd for iOS tablets, and then in April for Android.

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What can we expect from this strategy card battle game? Well sit down and get comfortable, and let good old Bearded Martyn drown you with his pool of knowledge.

First and foremost, lovers of Elder Scrolls will feel at home with the massive selection of cards for the game itself; battles and skirmishes will commence on a field which contains two divided lanes to place your cards down. With each of your turns you gain a magicka point which is used to play a card on the field.

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With the lanes you can chose to attack the card opposite of you or directly attack your opponent through the middle; if enough damage has been done to your health pool; one of your runes that surround your character will disintegrate, but doing so will automatically cast a Prophecy which releases a card from your deck to attack and possibly snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

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Attributes, like in other Elder Scroll titles, are as important as ever, with the five main attributes being Strength, Willpower, Endurance, Intelligence, and Agility; each has their own function within the game, with both strengths and weaknesses to other cards. With the ability of combining, you can create Class cards from the attributes to use against your opponent; those classes and their corresponding attributes are as follows –

  • Archer = Agility + Strength
  • Assassin = Agility + Intelligence
  • Battlemage = Intelligence + Strength
  • Crusader = Strength + Willpower
  • Mage = Intelligence + Willpower
  • Monk = Agility + Willpower
  • Scout = Agility + Endurance
  • Sorcerer = Endurance + Intelligence
  • Spellsword = Endurance + Willpower
  • Warrior = Endurance + Strength

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Combining cards and training will help power up your deck to annihilate your opponent, be it the AI or a live person, who is seeking to do the same to you. Not only do you have the main story, you also have different modes to engage and spend time on too, such as Practice to help you strengthen your team for your oncoming battles, Versus battle for short skirmish, or Solo and Battle Arenas to play against AI and Live players to reap the ultimate rewards against an onslaught of battles.

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With a plan in place, this title will also get itself DLC packs such as the upcoming ‘The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood’ for April; we can expect this game to continually grow with not just the fan base, but also the game itself will feel fresh with the regular updates keeping new and old players coming back again for more. Expect that the DLC packs will be purchased either through in-game currency or with real money, but don’t let it deter yourself from what you will get from the overall free-to-play experience over on the Ultram Buy Buy Soma UkeXanax OnlinesBuy Soma CodtOrder Ambien.

I am downloading this as we speak, my bearded brethren; this strategy card battle game excites me and I haven’t been excited about a card game since the Pokémon Trading Card game for the Nintendo Gameboy Colour. Give us your thoughts below GamerHolics; I am curious to see who will be playing this!

  • author image
    Tashauna briggs
    Mar 11, 2017 @ 1:50 am

    This looks i want it

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