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Microsoft is making a ton of changes.  These changes will affect many people’s lives.  Microsoft has ceased development on Fable Legends, are considering closing down Lionhead Studios, and have closed the Press Play Studio in Denmark.


Fable Legends was going to be the first Fable from the series to be released on the Xbox One.  It was set to be a four player game where four heroes take on one villain.  Human players will take over one of the A.I. characters on their quest to defeat a diabolical villain.  Characters were set to be free for a period, and new characters will rotate periodically so players would have the option to try new characters without purchasing them.


Peter Molyneux, Mark Webley, Tim Rance, and Steve Jackson left Bullfrog in 1996 to create Lionhead Studios.  Bullfrog Games made games such as Populous, Powermonger, and Theme Hospital to name a few.  The first game that Lionhead Studios created was Black & White. A game that many considered bizarre in which you play as Gods and watch over artificial life. In 2004, Lionhead Studios made their first console game, Fable, for the Xbox. The studio was purchased two years later by Microsoft and released the sequel to Black & White, Black & White 2: Battle of Gods.  


Press Play Studio is also affected by the Microsoft changes.  The studio will be closing shortly although no date was given.  Press Play Studio was purchased by Microsoft in 2012 and have released over twenty games across multiple platforms. Max & the Magic Marker, Max: the Curse of Brotherhood, and Kalimba are just a few games published by Press Play Studios.


It’s a sad day that things like this happen, but sometimes you just have to accept the changes.  Companies open and close.  People come and go.  Video games are made and often played.  We, over at The Gamerholics, wish the best for these employees, stockholders, and gamers in their future endeavors.

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