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POSTAL, the isometric top-down shooter developed in 1997, has officially had its source code released to the public. After 20 long years of hard work from the publisher Running With Scissors, the company has decided it was time to release their source code for all to see. They have released it on Bitbucket under the GPL2 license, granting everyone “under the hood” access. The Publisher also urges anyone with the skills to tweak the game to make any kind of changes that they could possibly imagine to the game, and even urges them to port POSTAL to other platforms.

When POSTAL was first released, it took the world by storm. Gamers loved and praised Running With Scissors for their excellently crafted game, while politicians made claims that the title was among the “three worst things in American society:” (Senator Liebermann, Connecticut, 1997.) POSTAL was even handed a lawsuit by the United States Postal Service before the game even released in 1997. But, as Running With Scissors discusses in their press release, the support of the fans helped carry the game out into its fruition. Fan support even led to the development of the remake: POSTAL Redux.

Running With Scissors treated POSTAL as their baby for 20 years, going through plenty of ups and downs along the way. They dealt with the lawsuit from the Post Office, and they faced the flak from the politicians claiming it was one of the great societal evils currently afflicting the U.S. Now, they are ready to release their baby’s source code out into the world for all of their beloved fans to see and to play with so that they can watch their baby grow in ways that they never imagined. One can find the source code for POSTAL at Phentermine Online Reviews.

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