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The PlayStation Blog today announced the featured planned for Software Update 4.50, which will be released to users in the Beta Testing Program today. By all accounts, many of these planned updates are things that should have been included in the “1.0” version of the PlayStation software, but taking that into account, I am personally grateful that Sony is finally answering the requests of its user base and giving us these features in the next update (assuming, of course, that the beta testers don’t find some major flaws with them). To wit, here are those fixes:

  • Custom Wallpapers – Do you have a favorite in-game screenshot that you would like to set for your background image? Now you can. Even better, you can tweak the image in the Photo Mode to customize it, and with the abilities to add drop-shadows on the menu text and dimming the Function Area, you will be able to clearly see the menu even when you have a very bright background photo.
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“Your picture here.”

  • External HDD Support – No more digging up How-To articles on the Internet on how to get your PS4 to play nicely with an external hard drive. Sony is finally answering the request to support external storage devices up to 8TB. This makes me one happy gal, and I will finally get around to using that 1TB that I bought specially for my PS4 storage needs.
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God, that option makes me so happy. Thanks Sony!

  • Simplified Notification List – Rather than breaking down notifications into categories through tabs, Sony is consolidating everything into one master list. This will make it much easier to see everything at a glance, and me it quicker to address everything without having to bounce through the tabs.
  • Post Directly to PlayStation Network Activity Feeds  – Now your in-game screenshots can be uploaded to PSN as a public post, enabling users around the globe to see your gaming moments. In addition, you will be able to post text, screenshots, and gifs directly into your activity feed under “What’s New”, as well as tag games or other users to broaden your fan base.
  • 3D Blu-rays on PlayStation VR – Do you have 3D movies lying about and would like a solo viewing experience? Now the PlayStation VR will be able to display them in stereoscopic 3D.
  • Quick Menu Refresh  – Essentially, while the last update made this menu function sexier, this new update will result in it taking up less screen space, and also add other features to make it even more utilitarian. This includes a Party feature through the Online Friends option, that lets you:
    • Create new parties.
    • Invite Friends.
    • Join Parties.

So, do these features excite you? Personally, I am ecstatic about that delicious HDD Support. Let us know in the comments what you think! And stay tuned to the GamerHolics about all things gaming!

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