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The Sims has always had an eclectic set of character customization options, and each new edition of the franchise has introduced more, such as the now-familiar aliens or plant-people. True to form, EA announced today that the next Game Pack of The Sims 4 will enable players to live out their blood-sucking fantasies.

Yes, on January 24th, Sims fans will be able to purchase the eponymous Vampires game pack, which will allow them to create just that… vampires. No word on if the sparkle-kind are an option (and the teaser video doesn’t show them), also [insert joke about still a better love story than Twilight], but the Sims customization options look to show a wide variety, including Victorian-styled clothing, hair reminiscent of the bad guys from Buffy, and even an option going back to the infamous Nosferatu from classic movies.

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Nosferatu, the vampire who started it all in Hollywood.

In addition to that chic undead aesthetic, players will also have access to various vampiric powers, including hypnotism, drinking blood, and changing into a bat. Oh, and bitten victims can be turned into vampires, too, so the potential to wreak havoc amongst your Sims neighborhood is high. In order to use these supernatural powers, players will have to activate their Dark Form (by spinning). All powers are fueled by a combination of three things: plasma, power, and sleep, which are also conveniently the motivations for vampire Sims, and will drive their day-to-day needs.

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You are getting sleepy…. very sleepy…

Although vampires gain immortality, you still need to feed them. Now, plasma, that clear component of blood, is the primary food source for these characters. Several options are available, including plasma packs (for a busy vampire on the go), draining blood from victims, and plasma fruit, which you can plant for a long-term solution to that pesky “need to eat” problem.

Finally, as with vampires from other Sims games, these blood-suckers are no different in that they do not like sunlight. Leave them out too long, and they will become a bit crispy.

But, wait, there’s more! (We miss you, Billy Mays!)

As with every new content pack, new store options are available, all to accentuate that undead vibe in your home. Coffin beds (you can Woo-Hoo in them, natch), Gothic chandeliers and furniture, a pipe organ, and more, will be unlocked.  

Oh, and I would be remiss if I did not mention the new neighborhood: Forgotten Hollow. Here, nighttime lasts much longer than in other Sims locales, and it also has a delightfully spooky, Gothic, and dark atmosphere, perfect for your vampire, or vampire family. Yep, entire families can be vampires, but you won’t know for sure until kids reach their teenage years as to whether they inherited your power! Oh, and children will stop aging at this point, too, but you can override that with a Birthday Cake.

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Fog, gnarled trees, and darkness. Yep: Silent Hill.

So, Sims 4 fans, will you be picking up this Game Pack on the 24th? Or is this a pass for you? Plan on going on a hunting spree and making an entire town of vampires? Or will you be more benevolent in your approach? Let us know in the comments below!


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