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Glass Review

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Introduction to Glass Glass presents itself as M. Night Shyamalan's shot at a connected cinematic universe. The story contains tropes for obvious reasons which serves the overall story. While the film does a solid job at weaving the films together, it also disappointingly drops the ball in a few ways....
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Vampyr Review

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We are proud to have the website back up and running to bring our readers more reviews. One of the first things we were offered to give our thoughts on is a game that recently came out called Vampyr. With not much advertisement of its release, not many know much...
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1 day ago

The Gamerholics

Bruh 😂🤣💀 ...

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2 days ago

Terrance Dimitry Rhodes

I feel sorry for you Siegfried ...

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2 weeks ago

The Gamerholics

It’s getting closer!!!!! Who’s planning on picking this up? Or has the hype died down?🤔 ...

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