Activision and Copyright Infringement

Images Courtesy of Activision

It’s all fun and games until someone’s work is stolen from them. This is the dark side of the video game industry. Activision to be sued, again, for copyright infringement. Writer and photographer, Clayton Haugen, whose work is known for the 2020 Bruce Willis film, Hard Kill, created a character named Cade Janus back in 2017.

What Did They Steal Now?

Finding out that a character, of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Mara, resembled his character, Cade Janus, that Mr. Haugen created. Not only did it resemble the very likeness of the said characters base model and build, but the publisher also obtained the Makeup artist, that Mr. Haugen used to create the character in the first place. It is also stated in the lawsuit, that “the professionals we’re forced to sign non-disclosure agreements in an attempt to cover up the infringement”.

“There should be no question that this was a planned, deliberate effort to duplicate the Striking images created by Mr. Haugen,” said Micah Dortch of the Dallas office of the Potts Law Firm. “The evidence included in our filing clearly shows the similarities between the original images and the digitized character, as well as the actual use of Mr. Haugen’s images.”

 Activision has put in the claim that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has sold more than 1 billion dollars in downloads and physical copies sold through retailers.

Trial is set in April 2021.

Personal OP

What gets me, is a company, and these are major brands people, that have tons of investors, shareholders, backing them, to where they have enough capital to hire people to bring to life, their own ideas. But then don’t really utilize those resources to its most truthful potential, and would rather steal someone else’s creative works. It’s ridiculous!

The question that needs to be answered is, if the company felt that it was a character that they had to have, why did they not hire the original artist that created the character? This is the underbelly of business the dirty game that really doesn’t need to be played. And this is not the first time that this company has been sued for copyright infringement. At where does a company lose its moral and ethical standards? because to become a company, you have to have those ethics set! Makes you ponder of the broad scheme of things at hand.

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