The future of mobile gaming has arrived! and you can now partake in playing Nintendo Switch and PlayStation games using your mobile phone as the controller.

Who is AirConsole?

Airconsole is a start up company that jumped on the scene 5 years ago. They hail out of Zurich, Switzerland and were founded by Googles Ex-Tech Lead,  ETH Zurich Alumnus Andrin von Rechenberg. His company rose to fame by focusing his work on latancy issues using smart phones as gaming controllers.

How Does AirConsole Work?

I was curious myself, so i decided to visit their website. The landing page wasted no time in getting me to play.  Simple instructions guided me through their sync process and it was super easy. I used my smartphone (android) and was connected to the Console. (Hence AIRCONSOLE). Once my phone was configured, it took me to a selection screen where all the games are at. The user interface is simple and makes you feel like a kid in your favorite game store.

Air consoles approach to Latency in mobile gaming is a win and it makes since why they have grown into a 7.4 Million dollar company in just a short 5 years.

What games do they offer?

AirConsole offers over 160 games from classic to new released. They have two different kind of plans to access the games. Please see below for their plan.  There is also a hidden plan which is their yearly membership for only 23.99.

Here is a list of some games that they offer and are available now!

  • Death Squared Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam
  • Tower of Babel: Nintendo Switch
  • Tied Together: Nintendo Switch
  • No Heroes Here: Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBOX, Steam
  • Smoots Summer Games: Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBOX, Steam
  • Tumblestone: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox
  • Clusterpuck 99: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox
  • Smoots Tennis: Xbox, Steam

They also have their own list of games they create such as

  • Snowboard Buddies
  • Mucho Muscle Meat Muchachos
  • Smoots Golf Air
  • Sniper Team 3 Air
  • Mega Monster Party (Release: October)
  • Whack Attack (Release: Winter 2020)

Ever Growing

They are expanding and at a fast rate. They have partnered with some big brands in the Gaming and TV industry to bring cloud based social gaming to you for next to nothing. Some companies they have partnered with is


Android TV



& Others

Rafael Morgan, Head of product and marketing at AirConsole, calls it “a new era of AirConsole”. This is what he had to say on it. “With this new batch of games, AirConsole is not only increasing the number of premium games but also creating original content that suits new audiences such as families with kids. We are now a valid alternative to traditional video game consoles”.

Bringing Friends & Family back to the couch

With Covid forcing everyone to stay home, it was hard to keep every one entertained. Children running around rampant, parents having to learn how to connect more because of the shut in. AirConsole has found a way to help families play and reach out to friends in order to maintain positive bonding in the home and safe, but fun distancing, from others.  So put those old phones to good use and download the AirConsole app, connect over TV or Browser, and game!


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