Alan Wake II Revealed

It has been 11 years since Alan Wake graced the world of gaming. With a psychological horror story and third person shooter gameplay, Alan Wake was only able to be enjoyed by gamers who were exclusive to the Microsoft Platform. But since the formation and success of cross-gen capability, come 2023, all platforms will be able to enjoy and experience the dark supernatural world of Bright Falls.

The Game Awards Reveal

The Game Awards presented so many reveals for the 2022-2023 year to come. Remedy Entertainment showed a new trailer to announce their revival of Alan Wake with a new sequel, Alan Wake II.

What is his story?

Alan wake is a best selling writer in crime fiction. His wife goes mysteriously missing on a vacation she takes, to a small town called Bright Falls. As he begins his search for his wife, he finds pages of a horror story he has written, but has no recollection of writing it. Continuing his search, he notices a supernatural darkness taking over everyone in the town, turning them against him. He is saved by a person in town who shows him how to combat the darkness. And now, armed with his flashlight and handgun, he must fight not only the darkness, but his sanity as he walks deeper into the mysterious ways of Bright Falls.

Photos Courtesy of Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment announced that they are keeping word about the developments of the game on the low, but left us a nice “teaser” to get us riled and ready! and if you need to get your backstory on, Alan Wake Remastered is available to play!

We will update this story as it progresses.

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