First Major Must See Theater Release Of The Year

Alita: Battle Angel is without a doubt the first major must see theater release of the year. It’s fun, action packed, heartfelt, inspiring, and a complete marvel to look at. The film tries to stay close to the source material, but the Manga is so rich in content its hard to put into one two-hour film. The best way to view Alita: Battle Angel is in IMAX 3D. The film disappointingly has some flaws but nothing too overbearing that takes you out of the film. Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron proved to be a great cinematic team and pulled off such an entertaining film. The casting is top notch and exudes charisma. Rosa Salazar brings the character Alita alive to the point you forget your watching a completely CGI lead.

Alita: Battle Angel does not try to be like other films in the genre of CBMs or Manga adaptations. The film completely has its own identity, but that does not mean it still does not share the same type of tropes as other films do in the genre. Alita: Battle Angel is a treat to watch.

Cast That Breathes Life Into The Characters

Rosa Salazar breathes so much life into Alita that you completely forget you are watching a CGI character. Every movement and mannerism Alita makes is so life-like, and every word is filled with so much emotion. The CGI and motion capture were so well done in the film. The cast brings so much charisma to every character that you become invested to the characters and their motivations.

Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, and Ed Skrein absolutely shine bright through their characters. Mahershala plays such a great bad guy, the only downside is that, it feels as if we don’t see him enough. Christoph Waltz plays the brilliant grieving father and you really get behind his character actions and motivations. The greatness of the cast is reason enough to give Alita: Battle Angel a watch.

The Cinematography is Astounding

The cinematography is so well done, and the film is so beautifully shot that you get completely immersed in the world. James Cameron (AVATAR) and Robert Rodriguez (SIN CITY) and the cinematographers really brought Iron City to life in such a wonderful way to where you want to see and hear the city’s backstory. The CGI is nicely done with a fine mixture of motion capture that brings all the CGI characters to life. This had to be no easy task since the lead is completely CGI. Going into the film the biggest criticism was how large Alita’s eyes are, but honestly while watching the film the size of her eyes serves as no issue at all. Seeing the film in IMAX 3D is an absolute treat and marvel to witness. The action sequences are hard hitting, realistic, and flashy. Visually the film is stunning, entertaining, and immersive.

The Meat and Potatoes

Alita: Battle Angel’s pacing is absolutely what you want out of the film. It speeds up and slows down at all the right moments. There isn’t a moment where you are ever taken out of the film. The flaw though that the film has is that it uses the “fade to black” method too often. The problem with this method is that it skips and covers up plot holes. It serves more of a cover up than a way to progress the story. With that being said though, this does not take away how immersive and fun the film is.

The story of the film is about someone who is trying to figure out who they are and where they come from. Now I’m sure you are thinking “well that’s not special at all; there are plenty of films like that.” You would be right, BUT Alita: Battle Angel is not like the others. You really feel that you are going on this journey with Alita and not just watching her go through it. The film is so well written that you are invested in Alita’s journey. From the moment she opens her eyes all the way to the end credits, you want to see her journey through.  

The action sequences are a joy to watch by how good they are put together. The action scenes in Alita: Battle Angel are smooth and hard hitting at the same time. The action scenes stand out from other films in the genre. The flash of the action scenes keeps your eyes glued to the screen and you literally don’t want to blink or you’ll miss an impressive sequence.

Alita Steals the Show

Alita: Battle Angel’s best feature is how awesome the cast is. Rosa Salazar breathes so much life into Alita to the point where you forget the character isn’t real and is CGI. The same could be said by some of the other heavily CGI characters but Rosa really captures the role and takes over the film. Which is awesome to see sense the film has Oscar winners in its cast. There isn’t a moment where the CGI takes you out of the film. Instead you get lost in the world with its beauty and creativity.

Alita’s love interest didn’t feel forced or in your face. It was very organic and flowed in well with the pacing of the film. As the love grows throughout the film you start to get invested in the relationship. But, with that said though without giving anything away, there is a part of the film that almost ruins this audience investment and almost makes you lose interest in the entire relationship. This is a bit of a disappointment simply because that investment you build kind of crumbles right before your eyes and all you can think is just “meh the other scene was much better that would’ve been enough.”


Overall Alita: Battle Angel is nothing short of a fun film that deserves a watch. It’s a nice change of pace for the genre and it proves that live action anime/manga adaptations can be done beautifully. Fans of the manga will absolutely enjoy this film because the filmmakers faithfully adapted the source materials. It’s obviously not going to be a page by page screenplay but, the filmmakers definitely respected the source. For the average movie goer who knows nothing about the manga, you’ll still get a fun film experience that’s like no other. It’s always an absolute delight when live action adaptations come out wonderful.

Final thoughts; 8.5 worth the watch.

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