In April 2008, Creaky Corpse Ltd created the free-to-play mmo, Dead Frontier,  A zombie survivor game that had a decent following. I played the game back in the day, and recently discovered, that the same studio is in the works of creating Dead Frontier, which will release soon.

Due to absence advertisement, I wanted to get in touch with the developers, in hopes to inform the gaming community on the upcoming, and what they can expect.

With each online game, there is always the ponderance of how PVP, and PVE will work. It could make, or break a community depending on how people can play for their preferred style. With the developers comments on the issue, it feels a lot more reassuring with the low chance of grievers with their response:

“PvP is totally optional. You have to create or join a PvP instance specifically, otherwise it’s just in co-op mode.”


For people who played the original, they experienced the interesting difficulty system where difficulty would only increase, the farther away a player was from the main hub, which would mean the more experienced players, would venture further on. I was curious to see if they would keep the same style, or try something different, the developer informed me by saying:

“Yes generally speaking the difficulty increases the further from the starting outpost you go. Although the exact danger level of zones and what enemies they have changes daily to keep you on your toes.”


The most important question I had regarding this game, was how did they plan to add to the zombie genre? There have been many zombie games over the years, and many more highly anticipated titles are coming, so when I heard their response, I was more interested on how they took their spin on the zombie genre:

“DF2 is different from most other zombie games coming out in recent years. Normally they tend to focus on having a huge open world, crafting and PvP mechanics. However, I think those things tend to take away from the horror atmosphere. When I tried many of those games (DayZ, H1Z1, WarZ) I would spend a long time walking around a big empty map, barely seeing a zombie, only to get murdered by a naked guy wielding a flashlight. Our core focus is on the zombies, atmosphere and horror. So we stick to small claustrophobic environments, that are packed with danger. The best way to imagine it would be to think of what Resident Evil would be like as an MMO.”

The developer also informed me of additional game-play mechanics, they want to have a game that has a 100% player driven economy, mixed with Diablo II stylized item/loot mechanics. Hopefully, with this decision for the game-play, we will see it draw crowds of people who wish for a fresh take on the genre, besides just exploring a giant open world with a few zombies around.

The game will be released in Early Access, this way the community can give feedback on the game. The developers responded on where players can contact them:

“The best way to ask a question or get in touch with us is via out reddit or discord:”

When the game releases on 31st, we will play the game and write up a review, so people can get an understanding on what the game has in store, to see if they are interested. We would like to thank the studio Creaky Corpse, for responding to our questions.

For more Information on Dead Frontier 2, check out the website, and make sure to wish list the game on Steam and will be available to play once it releases.