Not Even the Gods can Save this DLC

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot was the very first RPG in the Dragon Ball franchise and was released earlier this year with decent reviews from critics overall. Spanning across the entire Z Saga in a form never seen before. The amount of detail to the story it gave fans was like none that came before and with a beautiful anime style design on top of that, fans would go on and wonder what the future holds for this title and now we have it here.

If you’re like me and enjoyed your many hours of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot you were very excited to see what came next! With rumors of a possible Broly dlc or even following the Super series it was hard not to get excited for a change in the gaming franchise. A New Power Awakens is the first piece dlc given to us and it very very much skims through the Battle of Gods Saga that followed a working Goku who wanted to do nothing but train, a vacation father Vegeta who like his nemesis wanted to train, and a world at peace. Shortly later we find an awakened Lord Beerus who has a dream about a Super Saiyan God and takes his attendant Whis to find said Super Saiyan God……and you know the rest. Sadly we get none of that in the new dlc.

The Good:

Let’s start with the positive, it feels good to be back behind the controller with Goku and Vegeta again! Having taken a brief time away from Dragon Ball Z Kakarot it was nice to know that I haven’t lost my touch in the combat controls and was able to pick up where I left off. A New Power Awakens gives us the POWER OF THE GODS!!! I loved the Super series and to finally become a god in the video game was so much fun and getting new combos to dish out on my enemies was a nice treat. Fighting a level 250 Lord Beerus is no easy task and had me challenge my approach with his massive damaging attacks. (HAVE SENSUS BEANS). Unfortunately this is about as positive as it gets with the new dlc…

The Bad:

A New Power Awakens is short….like about 1 hour short. You could easily finish this dlc before you had to do anything important. I couldn’t believe how short this first piece of dlc was when I finished. No side quests, no funny banters with Goku and Lord Beerus, no nothing! What’s worse is that they unlock all the power levels that you already spent hours on in the main story in this dlc, like thanks but is that, oh here’s some water for your troubles then…..

Usually the zones you get to enter in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot have some things to do or places to explore to keep you busy…..you get none of that on Lord Beerus’s planet. You can’t even go to his castle which is a huge missed opportunity! You can only access this new piece of dlc through the menu screen under “Add Ons” and can be entered at any time of the main story so you don’t even really have to grind to get to Super Saiyan 3 if you’re good enough. 

The Boring:

Dragon Ball Super opened up the series with the Battle of Gods movie and turned it into a multi episode arc and gave it some more depth that wasn’t given to us in the movie that was released before. But, A New Power Awakens can’t even follow the movie’s storyline! Instead we get Whis bringing Goku and Vegeta to their home where he trains them in preparation to fight Lord Beerus. After going through some very quick and all the same challenges and getting some water because I had already completed the game before entering in this dlc I found myself already ready to leave this planet and sadly this world and go onto the next game. It’s sad when the dlc is shorter than the Battle of Gods movie because there was so much potential for this first piece of dlc.

The Judgement:

I absolutely loved Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and put in over 55 hours into it with a 100% completion but I can’t sit here and lie. It was nice to get back into the Dragon Ball world but A New Power Awakens leaves much to be desired and a big missed opportunity to follow the Super series to really get fans excited for the rest of the season. Here’s hoping they learn from this and make the next dlc worthwhile. 

5 out of 10

  • April 28, 2020
  • Adam Gorman, @FirstChoiceAdam



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