DUNE is a story of love, tragedy, politics, heartbreak, triumph and so much more and with part one of Dennis Villeneuve’s DUNE film, cast and crew was able to capture the pure essence of Frank Herbert’s novel of the same name. DUNE is beautifully shot, brilliantly acted, and phenomenally paced that it pulls the audience in and does not let go until the final credits scroll, and even at that moment you are still at a loss of words and out of breath from the pure intensity that the films show and puts you through as he viewer.

From the moment the film starts, the audience is captivated by how beautiful it is. The cinematography is so beautiful and so immersive, that your immediately engulfed into this rich world that is full of lore, mystery; characters that are interesting and, in many ways, relatable. The musical score, brought to the audience by the genius Hans Zimmer, was nothing short of extraordinary.

The score was hard hitting, and pure. Whenever the score comes into the scene it hits you in the ches,t and almost takes your breath away. Every scene with a musical score was so perfect, and so spot on, that it almost felt weird during times when there was no music. DUNE has gorgeous cinematography and a brilliant musical score, and that is not even the ending of how this masterpiece was put together. The casting and performances in DUNE are beyond spectacular and every actor puts together such wonderful and believable performances.

DUNE casting is so much more than names on paper that is impressive. The cast put on some major spectacular performances that draws you in and captivates the audience at every turn. Oscar Isaac plays Leto Atreides. Oscar commands the screen as the leader of his clan and a loving father and husband. Rebecca Ferguson graces the screen as Lady Jessica and her grace, elegance, and beauty bring something special to ever scene. Rebecca plays the role of mother, wife, and someone with deeper secrets. Jason Momoa plays the fun role of Duncan Idaho. Duncan is cool, fun, strong, and cares for his clan. Jason Momoa brings so much life into this role that you cannot wait to see him in every scene.

Zendaya plays Chani who as we see her is very mysterious in her own right (trying to keep this spoiler free folks). Zendaya is beautiful, so graceful and still so mysterious that she grabs you through the screen and makes your eyes and ears focus until she is ready to let you go. Of course, we have the lead Timothée Chalamet. Chalamet plays the role of Paul Atreides, the son who is trying to find who he is and want to be in the universe. Chalamet is excellent as Atreides and puts on a commanding performance that is so entrancing and real that you feel for him. It is more than rooting for “the good guy.” You genuinely feel for the motivations, and you want to see this journey through. the end. Josh Brolin, Dave Bautista, Javier Bardem, and Stellan John Skarsgård all puts on performances that adds to the captivating story and filmmaking that Dennis Villeneuve brings to the big screen.

The pacing of DUNE is purely perfection. There is not one moment when the audience is taking out of the immersion. DUNE has a run time of two and a half hours, and it just flies by and leaves you wanting more. As of the writing of this there is still no confirmation of guarantee that the’ll make a second film even though the opening title card says, “part one.”  The studio is waiting to see the box office performance and surely the stream numbers. With DUNE doing good at the box and getting great reviews across the board, it Is hard to believe that part two will not be greenlit.

In the new era of streaming films in the comfort of your own home, Denis Villeneuve brings us a film worthy of being seen multiple times. The IMAX viewing of DUNE is so spectacular, so immersive, and so impressive, that you will leave the theater with your jaw dropped.

DUNE is a fresh of breath air and is a very much needed change of pace of what is currently out there right now today. DUNE is an absolute must watch film with its captivating visuals, storytelling, music, and performances. The film will not disappoint you and checks off every mark you would want a film to check off. There’s Star Wars and there is Lord of The Ring and now we have DUNE and hopefully we get to see this film expand into a bigger cinematic universe with all the lore and mystery. Verdict: 10/10 captivating masterpiece.

Film is available now in theaters and HBO MAX.

UPDATE: DUNE Part Two has been greenlit and slated for a 2023 theatrical release.

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Malcom & Marie

Watching Zendaya in this role is a sight to behold. She’s beautiful, believable, hurt, strong, and 100%  authentic. Zendaya doesn’t play some damsel in distress or just some female character written to push  the male lead forward. Marie (Zendaya) is every bit of her own person.

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