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All sources are investigated

We investigate all sources on a particular topic, pertaining to our way of reporting and The Gamerholics. We are a news and media website, so we must continue to bring you the correct facts.

All of our news and media we provide are researched out to the fullest extent. We value our relationships that we build with credible sources, PR Representatives, and Companies.

If you see any discrepancies, misspelling, or article fact misplacement, do not hesitate to email us here

togh@thegamerholics.com with ”Fact Check” as the subject.

We will look into the claim and proceed to correct it if what we post does not stand true.

Ethics Statement from The Gamerholics

We believe in fairness and equality. We believe in protecting and valuing the ability to have free speech and to use it with the utmost importance. We believe in correcting any wrongs we make, as well as speak out against unfairness and injustice.