Fall Of Light. A mysterious knight trapped in the darkness with his daughter. How did they get there? Why are they fighting their way out? The Gamerholics took to Runeheads game to find out in this dungeon crawler, platform game.

The Tale

Our story begins, narrated by an old woman, who tells of the world that was filled with screaming unsettled souls. These souls were lost in nothingness, until Luce The Goddess of Light, bought on 13 eras of peace, warmth and happiness upon the world.

Then a sorcerer, known as Pain, worked in secret on his magical powers and continued getting stronger and stronger in the shadows. On the 14th Era of Luce’s happiness over the world, Pain waged war on the goddess and the world.

The Sorcerer Pain struck the Goddess, dooming her to the darkness. The war took a heavy toll and many lives were lost. (including yours), and On the 14th era of man, the land grew dark

You were a Knight, Killed in battle and your soul taken by the ravens as well as your daughter. She was killed as well and was born as the Indigo child Aether. You must guide and protect her through the dark and fight off the shadow warriors to keep her safe.

Into The Darkness

You start your quest in a dilapidated room with your daughter Aether, a book quoting some history, 2 capes to choose from, and a couple secrets. Here in this room you start to learn the basics of the game and your controls. They involve, guiding Aether, using your shield and sword, and other dark powers you gain as you progress. With the maps being open, you can run around with Aether at your side giving you the strength and power to defeat the shadow warriors. You can tell Aether to stay so that she stays out of danger, or she follows you to keep your sword glowing.

Aether is the key to your success with this game, because you will need her power, as well as a second being to help you solve puzzles to progress further. The further you go to come out of the darkness, the more powerful she becomes, Praying to shrines to increase her power.

As Aether and yourself battle through the shadows, these shrines that give Aether stronger powers, they also give you power of the dark. At some point in the beginning level. you will encounter a shrine that gives you an awesome power. You become a bad ass, dark spirit of awesomeness.

Great Plays

What trusty tool should you have as you wade your way through the dark? A Lantern! You pick up a lantern next to the old woman in the shadows who tells the story. Your lantern is the second most important tool to have because it helps light your path that are full of cliffs and holes that you can fall off or fall through.

Secrets. I Love secrets, i feel they are the best part of a game. And they have plenty. When you begin, you start, you see faint purple stars that are hidden within the first few inches of the start. Through out the first map, acquire your weapons and head back to the start where you can venture off and find some hidden gems called Luce Fragments, a lever, and a shrine to where Aether can kneel and be granted more power to help you grow stronger as you venture through the darkness.

Why Do I Keep Cycling?

There are some cons about the game that i felt the developers could have done differently. I did not like how the fighting schematics weren’t timed well. I found myself life cycling over 28 times just to get out of certain areas. Even though i knew that each enemy that i came across had different attack patterns, it was a slim chance that i would win against those with shields or major bosses.

I also did not like the fact that you use stamina when swinging your sword, as it did not regenerate quick enough, and losing your stamina even more quick in battle. The block system was not that great to control, there was always a lag and you end up getting cut and your life cycle taken.

The overall look of the game was smooth. It has embraced a mild level darkness that was not enough to frighten your next step, but leaves you eager to continue. The background pops out at you, to where you question if you can go over to a particular area, and you can’t! I fell plenty of times.

While you game, you will listen to what i deem as Goth Classical. Dark and subtle, but strong and immersed in violins and drums of an orchestra.

If you are looking for a game that you can play while in quarantine, and do not mind a challenge or secret hunting, this is your game. You can purchase this game on Steam, Xbox, PS4, & Nintendo Switch for $14.99.