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Being an avid admirer of story driven games, Far Cry has got to be one of the best titles in story driven games history. Which is why I am also excited that Ubisoft  has announced some details about their new game dropping October 7th, 2021, Far Cry 6.

Some top ranged actors are behind some of the best games. Far Cry will feature Giancarlo Esposito ( “Breaking Bad”, “The Mandalorian”) who brings to life President Anton Castillo, A violent dictator willing to stop at nothing to turn the Island of Yara, back to its old ways and days, and that means, the people are also in danger! He is grooming his son to take over his position and you must stop these plans from taking place on Yara.

We will take on the role as Dani Rojas and you are going to start a revolution! You can create a male or female character of choice and fight your ways through the countrysides of Yara and into the streets of the cities.  You will be able to have animal companions, drive an assortments of vehicles, and use a creative line of arsonal to get the job done by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

Do you plan on picking this up? Let me know what are your thoughts on it? check out the trailer!

Photos Courtesy Of Ubisoft

In addition to liberating and freeing your peoples from the tyrants your country and you face, you get some pretty amazing dlc. This time you get to play as the villians in Far Cry 3, 4, 5. Wondering what makes these dominating, fear mongers tick? What could have possibly set them off on that quest for tyrantial power?

Check out the trailer.

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