Games With Gold: December 2021

Get your dose of Xbox monthly games here! Xbox Games With Gold  is chalked up with some free goodies this month! Get them before they are gone!

The Escapist 2 : Use up to 3 of friends to come up with a grandiose plan to escape from the ties that bind you. Go to breakfast, roll call, job duties, and BE ON TIME while avoiding getting caught as you, sneak weapons, dig holes, and get stronger to bust out the joint! Can you all make it out?

Tropico 5- Penultimate Edition: The Big Cheese, and Hostile Takeover Addons have been given with this edition. So Become El Presidente and set up your countries for success!

Orcs Must Die: Become a War Mage and defend 24 of your fortresses as you plow through hordes of Orcs in the best strategic way possible.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet: Lets go back to some 360 days and visit a 2d classic! Solve your way through puzzles and fight strange creatures to save home

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