The Legend of the Ghost

Ghost of Tsushima is one of those gems that only comes around every so often with something new to offer. With a very strong Japanese samurai story, some great character development, outstanding supporting characters and an environment that you can get lost in for hours, Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima hits the mark on nearly all levels. 

The Good:

I won’t bore you with too much good because many things I found in this game belong in the legend portion of this review but let’s just start with the character animation. Jin Sakai and his band of followers look great! They aren’t the best on the market but their expressions and the way they carry themselves is still a key ingredient to this masterful game. The look of concern on many characters as well as frustration and anger are to be admired. This is by far the best Sucker Punch has done so far.

The Okay:

With the main story taking anywhere from 20-30 hours to play and over 40-50 hours completing every little thing that this can become somewhat tedious as you follow foxes to unlock charms for your weapon, or give honor for shines. Nothing about this though is out of the ordinary though when it comes to this large scope of open world game, it’s going to have things to do even it becomes a little bit tedious at times but it doesn’t take away from the overall game. 

The Legend:

Alright, let’s strap into this one as we have a lot to go over.

First things first, the Ghost of Tsushima is absolutely stunning! What a way for Sony to go out with a bang as it’s final major first party title before the Playstation 5 releases later this year. The environments are just breathtaking as the island is split into 3 sections with each giving you a new look and feel. There’s so much to look at from the Golden Forest to the Shiruma Castle all the way to the docks up north. Every blade of grass, every leaf, every gust of wind just adds so much value to this open world that it will be extremely hard not to demand anything less from any game from here on. The Kurosawa Mode which turns the game black and white with a film grain is the best way to play for the ultimate samurai experience!

Ghost of Tsushima takes place in the late 13th century when the Mongolian fleet invades Tsushima by Khoton Kahn, our big baddie through this legendary story. After a brief battle on the shores of Tsushima our hero falls and from there must ally himself with some unlikely people, test relationships to the limit and save their people from these invaders. Unlike many other samurai games on the market, Ghost of Tsushima plays on all realistic trends and never strays away from it. This is an outstanding story that any fan of samurai story telling would enjoy. 

Composers IIan Eshkeri and Shigeru Umebayashi should be so proud of themselves for delivering such an epic soundtrack. There are so many different tracks from simple strings, flutes, to drum scores that add a whole another level to the story and action that it just helps pull you into the world and most of the timing of the music and what it’s trying to accomplish is spot on. This is easily in the game of the year category for best score. 

The action of course is where this game truly shines. This is probably some of if not, the best gameplay I have played and most satisfying in my 25 years of playing games. This isn’t a hack and slash style game that many can look at and think it was. You have to be smart and play off the foes you face, otherwise it could be your head in any battle. You have these duels that are boss fights and not boss fights. It’s where things can get very difficult as these test your skills and see if you are the Ghost. The assassin-like mode to sneak around is also a lot of fun even if it doesn’t quite beat the Assassin’s Creed level of sneaking around it comes damn close!

The Verdict:

Ghost of Tsushima is a must for any Playstation 4 owners. This is the best title Sucker Punch has ever produced hands down and this is coming from someone who worshipped the Infamous titles. If you’re looking for one of the last great games of this console generation look no further, you have it here. Ghost of Tsushima is a masterpiece.

10 out of 10



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