Harvest Days Trailer Reveal

Welcome to the wonderful village of Duda. Where your grandparents live. A major move of people was made and now the village population is dwindling.

However, YOU, can bring Duda Village back to all it’s glory. Learn how to cultivate the land, take care of the animals, create an economic infrastructure to bring back residents and merchants, build homes, and don’t forget to take a break fishing on the river. No one said creating a whole new village would be easy! Gather resources and craft items to help you build.

Bringing you an open world, relaxing experience, Family Devs will be hosting their new game on kickstarter, starting August 31,2021. Interested in supporting? Here is the Kickstarter link:

Harvest Days Kickstarter

or add it to your Steam Wishlist:


Video Courtesy of Family Devs

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