A Fantastic Soundtrack with some Fun Rhythm Gameplay 

Hatsune Miku was the first Vocaloid developed by Crypton Future Media back in 2007 and now we get this fantastic series on the Nintendo Switch for the first time. With a very solid track and a pretty decent gameplay style makes for a good time for both new fans and old fans alike.

The Good 

Let’s start with the best part of the game, the soundtrack. With over a 100 tracks to choose from and all very unique and different in their own style from up beat rock and roll, to hip hop, there’s a nice selection to choose from. You’ll find some that really stick with you and you’ll play that particular song over and over again. My favorite song was easily the Roki track which became my go to song. 

The Animation is particularly well done in this game and at times can be distracting with so much going on. It’s vibrant, slick and very colorful just like any anime style video game should. Out of the dozens of tracks I played, the music videos were all very slick and different and many times I would have rather watched the video than play the game (which there is an option to do this)! Which is not a bad thing at all, I’m just saying, well done! It’s pretty much like watching short anime videos which let’s be honest, is never a bad thing!

I found that customizing the characters to be equally as enjoyable with the characters. From hairstyles, clothing to even making shirts which is difficult to do but still a lot of fun though. You can easily spend hours just in the customizing section before even playing the game. Fun Fact, just randomizing things to see what comes out is also fun! As you play through the game you get points for completing the tracks. These points are then used to purchase the outfits and hairstyles, etc for your character.

The Bad

As fun as Hatsune Miku is there are some things in the game that I found frustrating. Mainly the note patterns being at times extremely hard to place when the song gets crazy mixed with so much going on in the music videos you can get lost easily. This makes things even more difficult if you’re playing on the handheld as well (I would not advise). 

There are two modes to choose from, Arcade Mode and Mix Mode. Arcade mode overall is fun minus when things get really crazy but mix mode I found somewhat mediocre to play. There were at times where it might have been me but I felt that my motion wasn’t being detected so I would go back arcade mode multiple times to get back into my groove. 

Though it is minor I have to point out that this is also a single player game. This is disappointing since this title would have really made a great and fun two player game. To play with a friend or significant other who enjoys the Hatsune Miku music would have only brought even more enjoyment but once again this is a minor complaint.

The Fun

Hatsune Miku: Project DVIA Mega Mix does a good job with introducing you to the game with easy to follow tutorials and a easy, medium, hard, extreme, and extra extreme difficulty to pick from you’ll have no trouble finding your challenge level to have fun with. I found myself more in the medium area but I did dabble in the hard and man that’s when things get CRAZY! 

The Judgement

Overall Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix is a great rhythm style game for all. If you are a newcomer to the series like myself or a long time fan you won’t be disappointed. With Excellent visuals, outstanding music videos and a fun customization system you can look past its shortcomings and still have a blast playing this title. Do yourself a favor and check this out on the Nintendo Switch May 15th! 



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