So to all my movie fanatics who love all things movies, if you’ve seen the IP Man movies then you know where I’m going with this. Just recently I’ve finished the series with the epic finale movie IP MAN 4 The final.

This movie starts out with IP man (Donnie Yen) just trying to find a better life for him and his rebellious son, IP Man travels to America to find a suitable school for his son to start a new life but as things turn out things are not always greener on the other side.

Along his travels he meets up with one of his former students Bruce Lee played by ( Danny Chan Kwok -Kwan) and gets to witness Bruce lee’s Chinese martial arts (Spoiler Alert) as he fights a karate instructor and wins, from there he continues to search out for a school for his son but still continues to deal with immigration during that time period.

The story:

Was solid, it just dragged a little to start out as we find out that Ip Man has been diagnosed with throat cancer and now has to deal with the complications of that and finding his son a suitable school, with all the immigration and separation of people to fit in america it was very difficult as you have people who think the Chinese have no right to be apart of america should just go back to where they come from, and think that Chinese martial arts has no right to be a part of the armies military combat but is proven wrong at the end when IP man defeats the crazed Sargent who thinks Chinese martial arts is a joke.   

The Action:

In this movie the hand to hand combat was top of the line with IP Man displaying his wing chun technique and also fighting with one hand had me on the edge of my seat like wow and seeing how IP Man’s Technique is on pare with any fight.     

Only thing that keeps me from giving this a perfect 10 is that it was slow starting but it’s still great to watch. 

My opinion this was a great solid movie, I would give it an 8.5 out of 10. Go check it out.   



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