The End of an Era

It’s extremely hard to believe that it’s been 7 years since Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox came out and started the DC Animated Movie Universe. With now 15 movies combined, WB Animation is finally closing its book on this amazing superhero adventure and it does it with not only the best movie in the series but quite frankly one of the best in comicbook movie history. And do not worry I will not spoil anything in this review.

The Good

Dark Apokolips War really starts off things with a bang….a really big bang. Without spoilers, we get our team of heroes gathered together for the battle of the ages against the evil Darkseid and let’s just say things get rough and they must fight their way through a war. This is a Justice League movie we never got on the big screen and Warner Bros and DC, if you’re listening, you need to hop on your animation bandwagon asap and replicate this! 

Being rated R there are no shortcuts taken in this 90 minute epic adventure. Honestly they could have made it longer and no one would have complained. They pulled together all the teams in one movie, Justice League, Teen Titans, JL Dark, and The Suicide Squad and they blended it perfectly into one. Matt Ryan leads the charge as John Constantine with a fantastic voice acting cast as well, you get everything. I hate comparing Marvel to DC but this is DC’s Endgame but WAY MORE DARK!!!! They weren’t afraid to pull all the cards to make this one of the best. Something that not even Marvel was capable of doing in their MCU. Again I hate comparing the two but this needed to be said.

Once again WB Animation does a beautiful job with it’s animation department as it helps just bury you into this movie even more! They have always been top notch in the DCAMU from the very beginning and in Dark Apokolips War they truly outdone themselves. With the story making the twist it does with our heroes it’s great to see them this way as it’s completely new and different and truly shows just how deep this adventure has taken them. 

The action in this movie is the most brutal and at times disturbing it’s ever been in the DCAMU. We get great set pieces from our favorite heroes and with some emotional action sequences that even I teared up on. Of course the story only helped make the action even more great as it had purpose each time and each time had a cost.

Composer Robert J. Kral adds another level of emotion to this story and has outdone himself with this project. Having worked with DC movies in the past you can see why he was an excellent choice for this finale. Whether it was action scenes, humor, or dramatic scenes, the music always did a great job in adding to the movie and never taking away from it.

The Bad

Not much can be said about this movie other than I thought the voice acting for certain characters just felt off which at times the DCAMU has done with characters but it never took away from the movie.

The End

Justice League Dark Apokolips War closes the door on the DCAMU. Like I said before, it is the Endgame and the writers made sure that this universe would never be messed with in any way. There’s no denying that this is the finale of the 7 year, 15 movie adventure. I have enjoyed this fantastic series from beginning to end and I wonder what the future holds after this masterpiece. I wish the DCU could get on par with DCAMU, just a little but then it might not make what we have in this series as special as it is but it sure set the bar high. 

The Judgement

Justice League Dark Apokolips War is the best movie in the DCAMU hands down. I would even put it up there in one of the best comicbook movies of all time. You simply do not want it to stop! The future is unknown but for now, enjoy this epic adventure and enjoy the ride! 



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