Through out my years on PC, exploring p2p feeds, to find the Leisure Suit Larry games for free, I don’t understand why it took so damn long to get on Xbox! Now Larry has crossed over, he is on every platform that gaming has to offer. what an amazing franchise that stayed around so long.

Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Die.

Larry is now coming into the modern day of dating. Trying to reach the woman of his Dreams. As you play Larry, you will embark on a point and click adventure full of mature audiences only humor, over 30 hand drawn locations to visit, and Timber, the dating app of modern time where will obtain all your scores by dating the different women Timber has to offer and fulling their needs to raise your scores to be ready for the one true love, Faith; The assistant to a boss at a powerful global tech company.

With hours of game play and addicting puzzles, help Larry find his way to true love.

You can purchase and digitally download Leisure Suit Larry from the Xbox store for the discounted launch price of $ 29.99. Hurry, you only have 1days left for the 25% discount.

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