Little Nightmares II

Today drops one of Playstations anticipated games that is also getting a new gen upgrade later on in 2021.

You play as Mono and there is something strange going on in pale city. A strange humming transmission has you trapped,and you must save your ally, Six, from a terrible fate. As you work your way through puzzles around Pale City, you must avoid the horrifying residents trying to capture you.

Will you be able to safely guide Mono and Six to solve the mysteries of Pale City?


Click the link below to enter, BANDAI NAMCO is giving away:

(1) Exclusive Little Nightmares II Nintendo Switch console including a standard Switch with a custom dock & Joy-Cons or one of four (4) limited launch kits.

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Queen Brieze
Queen BriezePassionate Writer

Demeo, A dungeon crawler experience in VR

Tabletop gaming is about to have a new experience, a virtual one! It has been a long time since I have entered the realm of tabletop gaming. In San Francisco, CA; there is a store called Gamescape, which has been around since I was born, that sold unique 3D puzzles, toys, and on Thurs & Saturdays, their specialty, tabletop gaming! Nerds of young and old alike, would pile up in the back, around the tables and take their turns battling each other for bragging rights. Now, Resolution Games has brought tabletop gaming to VR.

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