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Malcolm & Marie is so much more than just a love story romance film. It’s passion, pain, love, anger,  resentment, and so much more. Zendaya and John David Washington put on truly masterful  performances that make you feel every line. This isn’t just some pretentious love romance film. It’s  bigger than that and what these two stars bring to this film is nothing short of spectacular. This film is  about love in a relationship with two people who look at their relationship differently. The film takes  place after going to Malcolm’s film opening night release. What is supposed to be a wonderful,  exciting, and invigorating night turns into a roller coaster night of arguments, tears, pain, and resentment.

If you’re looking for a sappy love story with a happy ending then this film isn’t for you. If you want a real  hard hitting film about love that shows truth and passion then Malcolm & Marie is definitely for you. The  film is very dialogue heavy which is so nicely written. Not only is the dialogue believable, relatable, and  passionate, the words are just brilliantly brought to life by the performances of Zendaya and John David Washington.

Photos Courtesy of Netflix

Watching Zendaya in this role is a sight to behold. She’s beautiful, believable, hurt, strong, and 100%  authentic. Zendaya doesn’t play some damsel in distress or just some female character written to push  the male lead forward. Marie (Zendaya) is every bit of her own person. She speaks with truth and conviction like a person who is genuinely hurting and passionate about how they feel, and Zendaya  conveys these emotions on screen so believably that you almost forget you’re watching a film on screen  but instead witnessing this person’s reaction first hand. Zendaya puts on such a memorable performance that you just can’t get enough of seeing Marie being brought to life. By the end of the film  you don’t just feel for Marie but you understand how she feels. 

This isn’t achieved just because of the  words, but how beautifully and brilliantly Zendaya brought Marie to life in front of the audience’s eyes.  So much, that a viewer could easily choose Marie’s side of the arguments during the film.

Photos Courtesy of Netflix

John David Washington’s performance as Malcolm is mastery on screen. John David puts so much passion and vigor into this role that it’s nothing but pure entertainment. Malcolm is passionate, arrogant,  pretentious, selfish, pedantic and hurtful. These traits aren’t easy to portray over a course of a film, let  alone in a film that’s one setting. Malcolm is so happy that his film was so well received that all he  wanted to do was go home and celebrate with his lover. This sounds reasonable right? Well Malcolm  has been so laser focused on his film and how it will be received that he neglected the fact of how this  would affect Marie. The beauty of this is how well John David pulls off his performance as Malcolm. At  first you completely see Malcolm’s side and one could easily agree with his point of view. John David breathes so much life into Malcom that some viewers can easily choose his side.

The beauty about this film is that it’s truly hard to just choose one side. It’s not just about who’s right or  wrong or who you relate to the most. Instead the film itself is a deep dive into a relationship where  one person feels things have been going great without truly trying to understand what the other is  feeling or has felt. You have someone who is so into their craft and pumps so much passion into their  work and just wants the support of their partner. While on the other side we have someone who just  wants to be loved and appreciated by their partner.

Photos Courtesy of Netflix

The performances are so powerful that one minute  the audience may choose a side and then the next minute the audience may flip sides. With being a powerhouse of performances, it’s hard to take your eyes off the screen. You feel the pain of Malcolm and Marie through every scene. There’s a scene in the bathroom where Malcom is saying some  powerful painful things and during this time, Marie doesn’t say a word. Marie sits there listening with nothing! Pain in her eyes, and mannerisms.

This scene is a showcase of two actors who play off one another  so well and bring such powerful essence into a scene. Now the film isn’t just doom and gloom, there are smiles and laughter as well. There are times when there’s playful dialogue that puts a smile on your face  and sees the beauty in the relationship of Malcom and Marie. These moments are when the writing  really stands out. But, even more important to point out is how the chemistry between Zendaya and John David is so authentic, which makes this film feel so real.

The writing of this film is very unique, passionate, and beautiful. The film is written and directed by Sam  Levinson (Euphoria), who has done an incredible job with the screenplay. Zendaya and John David both have producer credits, so I would assume that they were able to lend their voices to the script. The  dialogue flows in wonderful directions that not only seem authentic but also relatable and smooth to  follow. The direction and pacing of the film is a complete highlight. One setting films may seem easy to  shoot, but in reality it’s difficult. You have to make every shot flow in a way that doesn’t take the  audience out of the immersive essence of the scene. Watching arguments flow through different areas  of the house or keeping the intensity of each argument fluid on screen was a complete sight to behold  during the entire duration of the film. The cinematography was beautiful. Going with the classic black  and white look doesn’t come off as a pretentious artistic choice but rather adds to the elegant, passionate, and intimate feel of the film. The soundtrack for this film is woven into scenes so perfectly  that it adds just something a little more special into each scene.

Malcolm & Marie is a one setting film that’s brilliantly done with powerhouse performances. It’s more  than just watching a love story. You’re witnessing two individuals going through a roller coaster of  emotions within their relationship all in one night. Watching the chemistry of Zendaya and John David is  worth the watch alone. The film had a nice and fitting ending that felt real and authentic. Malcolm & Marie is definitely worth the watch.

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