Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Photos Courtesy of EA

A long time fan of The Mass Effect franchise, I am super excited and have been looking forward this remaster every since it was announced at The Game Awards!

Totally remastered, this is going to be every N7 Commanders dream! Where to begin with all this good news to share?

Let’s start out saying it will be available across a a multiplatform of awesomeness. PC, with Origin and Steam Launchers, Playstation, and Xbox. That right there, should already rid any platform Fanboying cries that come with anything about a gaming platform.

The joys of witnessing a remaster? The fans have been asking, and Bioware has listened! The whole game, and I mean the whole game, plus 40 dlcs, that span the life of the trilogy, will be included along with all dlc weapon content. 4K  Ultra HD- Enhanced performance with visuals and graphics.  In which I feel is going to look phenomenal on a 65 inch 4k or UHD Television.

Now when Mass Effect dropped, it had an in depth customization option, but NOW, we will get to experience a more indepth customizing build of how we feel our Commander Shepard should look. Enhanced and improved hair, make up, eye color, and skin tones are available to customize your Shepard, here is a bonus, You are able to play as female Shepard in ME 1 and ME 2!

What made this game so great, was not only the customizations, but it was the storyline. the fact that it sparked a new generation of gaming where YOUR choices reflected, the outcome of the game. That wasn’t heard of until Mass Effect! You have the ability to form or destroy relationships and even hold the fate of the galaxy in your hands! How will you determine the outcome?

You can Pre Order today because the release date is May 14, 2021. You can also join EA Pro, if you aren’t already a member, and play it when it releases!

Are you ready to save the universe but in 4k???

Let me know in the comments!

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