The Year was 1970, The Place Milan, Italy.

Working for one of the most dangerous mob families, The Lanzetta’s, Piero Sacchi was the man to get things done. Being a contract killer can have its perks working for a family, but it can also have its downs.

Piero Sacchi was instructed to move in on one of the other big mob bosses in Milan. Beretta. After catching up with Beretta, laying his whole henchmen to waste, he then lays waste to his family. Talking business as usual at the local mob hangout, a little bang here, kidnapping there, in comes the Polizia. It seems someone has tipped them off and now Peiro has been arrested and sentenced to life in prison.

Day by Day, constantly being beaten and harassed, Piero Sacchi sat in San Vittore Penitentiary.
Thinking all hope was lost, 3 years later, he was released from prison to find out that his boss has gotten him released, and that there is a snitch in the organization, This is the underworld after all. Three years can change in the world, and to Piero, it changed dramatically. The organization grew and were no longer operating out of the hole in the wall bar. It was a high rise with a view of the city.

Lanzetta was out for power and Piero was out of a job, hooked back into the organization, he vowed to take down any and everyone who was connected in on sending him to Prison. THIS MEANS WAR!

MIlanior is as classic as its name and pixel art graphics. Made by Italo games, their motivation behind making this game was from Italian crime films like “Caliber 9”(1972) and “Almost Human” (1974). Roll, Run, Shoot, and Stab your way through chapters of gun-toting, Molotov-throwing, and knife-wilding goons.

Pixel Art will always have a place in my heart. Being brought up in the “Retro” age of gaming, our major graphic! I couldn’t wait to hit Toys-R-Us or EB Games, ( Now that’s for the OG’s) for the latest video game releases. Paired with a soundtrack of custom funked out music, Milanoir definitely gives you that nostalgic feel, of the 1970s.

The story-line had me intrigued, as taking on the main character, Piero Sacchi, you got to live the life of an unstoppable, brutal, & violent hit man for the Italian mob. The movement of the character in which you can roll, crouch for cover, or hide from gunshots behind solid objects were fluid. The smooth Pixel Art graphics were colorful and detailed that gave me that retro feel of playing Sega Genesis.
The controls were simple but a little difficult to manage for shooting. In the options there is an adjustment for the auto aim assist, no matter the adjustment, it was still tough to manage. I was a little disappointed to find out that i could not pick up that powerful shotgun, one of the henchmen blasts at you. But they do grant you a 6 shooter in certain chapters with one-shot-kill or, if a shining sign is around, you can shoot it and eliminate more than 2 henchmen simultaneously.

Don’t want to play alone? You can turn on another controller and play that classic co-op mode with a partner right next to you, or online. Also, for your competition enjoyment, there is an “Arena Mode” where you can show off your skills and see how long you can outlast the endless wave of henchmen.

This shooter is not for everyone!, it takes patience and a quick eye. But, it does give you a platform-type of feel in the game. Set with chase scenes and classic stunts, you can find out who and why, Pierro Sacchi was set up!

You can buy Milanoir on these platforms for 12.99. PlayStation 4, Steam, & Nintendo Switch.



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About iItalo Games
Italo Games was born from the chance meeting of a developer and a designer who were working at the same mobile game company in Milan. Soon, they realized that they shared a common vision on the game they wanted to make. Hence, they decided to put everything else aside: they found an Italian investor, hired a great freelance pixel artist from Bari and started working tirelessly to make the Milanoir dream come true. Italo Games is a young team which aims to make games with a strong focus on aesthetics and narratives.