4 Friends and a Truck

SMG Studios have created a very genius idea called Moving Out. You play as a new mover what they call a Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician or a more simple term a F.A.R.T. You must complete various tasks to become a certified F.A.R.T. by learning the do’s and don’ts of moving furniture but something is lurking around this very clever title. 

The Good:

Moving Out caught me completely by surprise the moment I started it up. From picking your character (Mine was the toaster head) and customizing them to be your own I found the style not only pleasant to look at but also a bit wacky, in a good way. Once you have completed making your character you get put into a quick and easy tutorial to understand the simple and basic controls and how the world that you will be entering works. After this, Moving Out becomes this open hub where you can recklessly drive from job to job and start your journey.

You have to give credit to the cartoonish look that Moving Out goes with as it adds a very unique and fun style that keeps the world and levels fun to look at and engaging. I would find myself paying more attention to the environment at first than actually playing the game at times. Especially when you enter the haunted manor or the office building. SMG even did some clever level designs based on past arcade games that made it fun to play and I will not forget to talk about some of the puzzles that made me think on how to approach the move out.

The ability to destroy your clients house while moving their belongings from A to B is as much fun as it sounds. Especially when you get frustrated when a certain object won’t fit through the doorway so you end up tossing it out the window. Each level must be completed in a certain time domain and each level has its challenges/obstacles that will make it difficult for you and your party to finish your move out in the acceptable time. You receive a gold medal for completing the move the fastest, then silver or bronze. Gold is extremely hard to come by on your own but when you have a group of fellow co workers by your side you can easily get gold each time. 

Believe it or not there is somewhat of a story in all of this crazy, wacky, moving things around as recklessly as possible. They’re called the Pack Rat and they have been up to no good from your first job as a F.A.R.T. Once you get far enough into the game The Rat King reveals himself and takes all your clients furniture and blasts off into space and it’s up to you and the other F.A.R.T.’s to go after him. Once you finally take on The Rat King and defeat him and return your clients belongings you receive the key to the city and all is right in the world.

The Bad:

Not everything is all sunshine and rainbows in Moving Out but there’s not much. Actually the only major thing I found that was not the best was how difficult it can be to get a gold medal time by yourself. There are a handful of levels that you can push to get a gold but unless you have friends, best of luck! Out of maybe the 50 levels in the game I might have gotten 3 by myself. This doesn’t take away from the game but my competitive nature would get to me. 

The Missed Opportunity:

The biggest complaint I found with this game is that there is no online multiplayer for consoles. Now you can play this on Steam with your friends by using a third party connection but this leaves console players left out. This was a major missed opportunity that hurts Moving Out greatly since the only way to get friends to play is if they are actually beside you playing. This isn’t a bad thing as it makes it a fun party game with friends but when you want to hop on and play with someone who’s further away it makes it hard to fully enjoy this amazing game. Hopefully SMG has plans to release an option to play online sooner rather than later.

The Judgement:

Moving Out is a one of a kind experience. I couldn’t pull myself away from this title when I started and I want more of it. If SMG does put in online multiplayer this game will definitely be a game that truly stands out. Whether you’re playing single player or have the chance to play with friends do yourself a favor and pick Moving Out up!



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