Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty on Nintendo Switch

One of my favorite games are now going to be able to come along with me as I traverse back into the outside world. Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is available today on Nintendo Switch.

Remind me, what happened again?

An oldie, but goodie puts us in the feet’s of Abe; an enslaved floorwaxer at Rupture Farms. Abe overhears the head of Rupture Farms, Molluck the Glukkun, come up with an idea to put Abe and all his fellow Mudokins into his products to save his failing business. When Abe is discovered ear hustling, he runs for his life and barely makes it, but decides to go back and save his enslaved friends.

Now this one should bring back memories, I am already trying to remember where all the Modukins were. This game was filled with tons of hidden rooms and full of puzzles. A platformer that I actually enjoyed because I don’t play many of them.

So preparing for the release of Oddworld coming to PS5, which i am adding to my list DAY ONE, I must meditate and open the portals of my mind,  on the old, New ‘n’ Tasty to live that nostalgic feeling of searching every level up and down, left and right, to help free all of Abe’s fellow Modukins.

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