Fun and Excitement awaits those who play Pillars of Eternity? Why, do you ask? Indie Developer Obsidian Entertainment, releases their first DLC expansion, titled “Beast of Winter”.  With this expansion, Patch 2.0, and “The Deck of Many Things” pack is included.


In the Southern Crawls of the Deadfire Archipelago, Cold and Death have ravished the land and you, Watcher,  have received a missive from the inhabitants of the isle: The worshipers of Rymrgand: The God of Entropy and Disaster. To fulfill your destiny, you are to rid the monstrosities plaguing the land.


Update 2.0 will constant bug fixes, improvements, and a new challenge modes to make your game play through more interesting. “The Deck of Many Things” is known to be the biggest pack of PoE II. A mysterious merchant ship docks in Deadfire looking to sell its magical items the crew obtained through their journey to the East.


All you mateys, Steam up your computers and play this new DLC August 2nd, 2018. Check out the steam page