Meet The Humble Gamerholics Squad. We are a small group of passionate gamers, content creators, and writers that love to Game and tell other all about it. We like to bring our creativity and hearty senses of humor to anything we put out. We believe in a Diversifying the field of gaming journalism and want all voices of all nationalities and ethnicities to come out  and support our mission, our views, and of course our content.

I started the rebirth of The Gamerholics in 2013. We are building strong with our efforts to make a name in the Gaming and Media industry.

I promote our website and community amongst all gamers on all social platforms.

Brieze Domingue
Brieze DomingueOwner | Head Editor| Writer| Content Creator
I have always had a passion for whatever I do, but, when it comes to videogames, and creative writing, to me, go hand ‘n hand. I strive to bring correct information, ideas, opinions, and just get the word out about video games and how they affect us whether directly or indirectly.

Last but not least, I love to play them for the stories that are told, the art/ creativity that details the aesthetic of the video game, the characters, the time periods, the community they create. I can go on!

Stephen Williams
Stephen WilliamsOwner | Gamer
Monique DeJesus
Monique DeJesusOwner | Streamer
Chris G
Chris GOwner| Writer
I have been in love with gaming and cinema since I was a child in the 90’s.

With favorites spanning across different generations and genres I’ve seen and played a little bit of everything. Writing is a passion that I use to not only convey my love for these two mediums but to share my thoughts and opinions. My approach to writing reviews and articles has always been about positivity while also telling the truth. You get real insight on the topic.

Alyka Fenderson
Alyka FendersonOwner| Content Creator
Hey hey hey, I’m Alyka and I’m a gaming stay at home mom. I also stream and make my own video gaming content alongside entertainment on TikTok. I was born and raised in Virginia but currently reside in Texas. My dad and oldest brother introduced me to the world of gaming in the late 90’s at the age of 7 years old! Being a ’91 baby, I was blessed to grow up with many classics and watch the beautiful development of the gaming world to what it is today. I also love singing and music, they’re my passions alongside gaming. I’ve been collecting video games and consoles since my childhood and I plan on passing them down to my son!