PS PLUS: November Games


PlayStation as released one of its first games to the PS Plus family, Bugsnax. You are an investigative reporter who must help the mayor bring back the half bug, half snack, citizens of Snaktooth island. PS5 owners will get the next gen version of Bugsnax when the console releases November 12th, 2020.


Middle Earth: Shadow Of War

A game that i have longed to play is now MINE!

All Lord of the Rings Fans: Take part in the war for middle earth and help to take over Mordor from the inside. This game uses the Nemesis system which allows for different and unique stories to take place with all characters. Conquer Mordor and stop Dark Lord Sauron.

Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition

An immersive 2D platformer that puts you in the hollows of the earth. Travel down into the underground world of Hollownest where you will take on epic bosses, fight creatures, and befriend bugs. fight your way down to unbury the secret deep within the hear of Hollownest.

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