September Edition

PlayStation Plus Players get ready to get active with your thumbs in a major way because it is nothing but Action and Adventure this month!

Batman Arkham Knight

Everybody wants to be batman! well now is your chance to take down Arkham City’s foes at night in your cape and equipment. Scour the streets as you go against some of The Batman’s most feared enemies such as Harley Quinn and Scarecrow using a fierce hand to hand combat & combo system along with high tech and gadgets.

DarkSiders III

You are Fury, One of the Four Horsemen and it is your job to hunt down the Seven Deadly Sins, slay them and their demon minions, to restore the balance between good and evil on planet earth.

Use your hack and slash skills to journey through this action adventure game of fantasy in dark and light with tons of secrets, skills, and weapons to unlock.

Both these games will be available for free for download until September 30, 2019