Episode 9
Join host Stephen Excalibur, Jay Shady, Queen Brieze, Sazerac, Sarge, Chris G, & Puertalykan for another episode of The Game Time Podcast.

CD Projekt Red gives surprise live stream for Cyberpunk Update
62.97g update

Playstation having possible class action lawsuit for deceptive marketing practices.

Forbidden West Thoughts
and plant a tree program

Superbowl Half Time Show Thoughts

Gamers in Esports
Esports Gamer Tanukana fired from cyclops esports team for saying “short men dont have human rights”

Knuckles recieves on spin off series an idris elba will lead

Uncharted in Theatre

Bot Bayless VS Sony Sharpe ( start to talk about the gt forza beef every episode and where they can watch it all go down)
GT FORZA Chronicles

Game Time Podcast
Game Time Podcast
Episode 9