Action Packed and Brutal

Netflix’s Polar ranks as a fun, action-packed, brutal, and highly entertaining film.  Mads Mikkelsen completely delivers as you think he would. The cinematography is on point, the casting is excellent, and the pacing is fantastic. The film shows that Netflix can continue to deliver with original content, which for many will come as reassuring given the recent price hike for the subscription.

The film is based on the graphic novel “Polar: Came from the Cold” by Victor Santos. Movie goers that are unfamiliar with the graphic novel will certainly feel like wanting to give the novel(s) a read after seeing the film.

Mads Mikkelsen Absolutely Kills It!

Mads plays the role of an assassin who’s not tired of the life but rather just ready to retire. Of course, however, his retirement comes with a major loophole. Mads enacts the role of the old lonely assassin so well that he makes every scene entertaining and believable.

Vanessa Hudgens is wonderful in her role as the young lady caught in the crossfire. Matt Lucas plays the role of the hilarious, creepy, and flamboyant villain with the most punchable face on screen the entire film. Matt Lucas delivers on his villain performance and he keeps you laughing and entertained. 

Katheryn Winnick, Fei Ren, Ruby O. Fee, Matt Lucas, Robert Maillet, Anthony Grant, and Josh Cruddas play the roles of the band of assassins who are Matt Lucas’s A-team. Cameos from Johnny Knoxville and Richard Dreyfuss were both hilarious and entertaining. Their chemistry throughout the film was fun to watch and highly entertaining.

The cinematography of this film is wonderfully shot, and some scenes are beautiful to look at. The film is shot in fun ways that still gives it that comic book/graphic novel feel. When it comes to how wonderfully shot and directed this film is, Jonas Åkerlund absolutely delivered on all fronts without a doubt. There’re times where I had to rewind a few scenes or pause the film because of how beautiful it looked.

I want to give a special mention to the film’s soundtrack. The original soundtrack comes wonderfully brought by Deadmau5 and the wonderful music sets the mood just right in every scene.

The Meat and Potatoes

Time for the meat and potatoes. The film’s pacing stays on track the entire film which is always a beautiful thing. So many films miss the mark in this regard. Right when you think the film is about to slow down, it throws in more action or goofiness to keep the pacing balanced and entertaining. There’s never a slow moment that lasts too long that would remove your attention from the film.

The film is brutal and has its share of gore and violence, and it’s glorious. The film blends artsy cinematography, violence, sexuality, comedy, and seriousness all into a very well-woven story. Polar is unforgiving with the violence, gore, and sex which is a nice change of pace from some films that have been recently released. With that said though, the film still has its serious undertones where Mads Mikkelsen and Vanessa Hudgens shine brilliantly bright.

Even with little backstory to Vanessa Hudgens’s character, you’re still invested in her character and want to see her through until the end.

Katheryn Winnick plays the indifferent character in the organization who tries to talk sense into her boss Blut played by Matt Lucas. Winnick’s screen presence is absolutely stunning. She steals every scene she appears in and plays the role of the smart and elegant liaison incredibly well. She’s quite entertaining on screen.

The downside to the film though is that you want to see more scenes of Mads being a bad ass. There are plenty of scenes of him kicking ass but not as much as you would like to see. But without giving anything away though, the film still absolutely delivers on the action scenes.

As mentioned about the sex and violence, I must say watch the film with an open mind. The film has no filter and if sex, violence, blood, and crude humor isn’t your cup of tea then I would recommend not sipping on this drink. But, on the flip side if you’re into that type of cinematic entertainment and have an open mind then you’re going to enjoy this film a great deal. With that being said, the film has some very serious and dramatic moments and that’s when you get to see the acting prowess of Mads and Vanessa shine.


Overall Polar is very much worth the watch for its fun and action-packed nature. You will be entertained by the film every step of the way whether you are laughing out loud or just saying “holy crap” by the action sequences. Polar is another notch in Netflix’s original belt as they keep on delivering entertaining original content.

Final thoughts: 8/10: watch it.

No after credit scenes just artsy coloring and lettering during the initial credit scroll.