Retro fans, hold on to your gamer chairs,Playmaji & Extreme Co. Ltd, have announced that they are coming out with the Mega consoles of all consoles put together. The POLYMEGA. 

What in the world is The Polymega?

It is a system composed of its main engine and different modules that you can play a variety of retro console games. One of the modules, The EM04 “Turbo” element module set, is an add on that enables Polymega owners to play Turbo- Grafx-16 or PC engine games. (PC engine is the Japanese version of the PC-16), which were sold as Hu Cards, similar to a credit card. Curious to see what a Hu cards look like? Visit the Museum of Obsolete Media

Which retro games does The Polymega include?

The EM04 module “Turbo” element module set will include these 5 preloaded games

  • Motoroader
  • Motoroader II
  • Double Dungeons
  • Shockman
  • Dragon Egg

Not only can you play The Turbografx-16 Hucard games in High Definition, but the base unit ($299.99) plays all supported CD based systems

Wait Queen Brieze, whatchu talkin’ bout other systems?

Yes yes, other retro console games can be played on The PolyMega, let’s go through the list, shall we? You will be able to play an ever growing list of cartridge and cd games from consoles such as 

  • NES
  • Super NES
  • Sega
  • Sega Saturn CD
  • Playstation 1
  • Turbografx CD

“We’re Huge fans of the Turbografx-16/PCE,” says Bryan Bernal, co-founder and CEO of Playmaji, Inc. “It’s exciting to share with players a great new way to explore this wonderfully underrated system through five great classic digital pack-in games as part of our partnership with Japan-based Extreme Co.,LTD and the Masaya Games brand.”

The sweet sounding features do not stop there, Polymega was made to be region free so that means you can play titles from overseas on a beautifully designed user interface to download and play your games. A variety of controllers are available for the different modules you can purchase including a light gun. 

If The Polymega has piqued your interest, you can Pre-order it through the Polymega store.

The retro console releases in the Fall of 2019 and the base console bundles start at $299.99.

For a detailed view of features, check out the Ploymega Blog and Game ON!