Recap of Gamescom Xbox Live Stream

Humble Games have been added to Xbox Game Pass. They bring an exciting niche of deep storytelling, bringing a retro style of games, with a modern twist.

Here are a some new trailers of the games coming to Xbox Game Pass:

Into The Pit

Image Courtesy of Humble Games

You come from a long and proud line of Lore-hunting Mystics. You and your cousin, travel world wide, seeking out lore, finding cults, and vanquishing them with your magic. You two arrive at a town where your cousin stumbled upon a Demon Pit. Her letters grow silent and you fear the worst. Strapped with magic, you will traverse into the pit to find your cousin, vanquish  demons through tons of dungeons. Upgrade your your skills to make your magic even more powerful to accomplish finding your family.

Age Of Empires

Image Courtesy of Xbox Game Studios

Ah, I remember heading to Circuit City, who remembers that from back in the day? And, I remember purchasing all my PC games there. Age of Empires was one of those games I purchased. World domination is secretly on everyone’s mind, and with this game, it allowed me to become the ultimate ruler. Fast forward to today, Age Of Empire VI has stepped on the scene, the title, still gaming strong.

Now they have added unlockable videos with in the game. you will be able to learn and visualize how it was to live in certain time periods that the game covers. Who doesn’t love a history lesson?

Look for it Day One on Xbox Game Pass  October  28,2021.

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