Recap of Gamescom Xbox Live Stream

Here is a recap of Xbox: Gamescom Stream.

Now if anyone puts on a good presentation, it’s Xbox. With their cinematic display of their games, reaching out to you in high-definition color and clarity. Paired with musical composition that draws you in even more, Xbox never disappoints. Today they announced games that we will look forward to in the end quarter of 2021.

Dying Light 2 : Stay Human

We are all ready for December to come around and on December 7th, 2021, Dying Light 2 will be released.

Dying Light 2 takes place 20 years after Dying Light 1. In Harran, the last big human settlement “The City”, is on the brink of conflict. The human civilization in the city of Harran has taken a step back into the Modern Dark Ages.

Your Role is the Wanderer, you are plagued by the darkness of Harran and you have the power to change everything. But what is Harran hiding? You must go out, and seek the secrets of Harran, as you now not only face the infected hordes and monsters, but also those with the power, wanting to take over Harran. You must choose what side you are on and the fate of the city. How will you decide?

Dying Light 2 has upped the ante on its parkour and combat. Now you are able to reach the tops of skyscrapers at taller heights, and will have to use problem solving in order to reach them. The combat system has been upgraded to where you can now become completely mobile in handling multiple opponents at once. Being able to deliver awesome offense and defensive moves.  And what better way to experience all this horror and adventure than with a friend, or 4! Team up with your friends to see how their decisions and characters can effect your game.

The Devs at Techland have worked long and hard to us some enjoyable gaming and I cannot WAIT.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

A long, awaited game has hit Xbox Series X and S consoles back in July 2021 and came straight to Gamepass.

Jorg Neumann, vividly and excitedly tells you about all the major updates that are happening for Microsoft Flight Simulator. He shares some insight on aviation and how and why they are working on the simulator. Not only are you able to virtually fly planes, but you are flying real planes from time periods lost in history. As the host put it, it is serving as a “virtual museum for airplanes.”

Every month, Flight Simulator releases world updates. Coming September 7th, 2021, is World Update no.6. You will be able to fly over the region of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Also, be on the lookout, at the end of this year, for Top Gun Maverick, Flight Simulator will be releasing free dlc alongside the movie. Also look out for the Reno Air Race coming this Fall.

Thank you for reading, we shall continue the recap in the next article

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