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This is Queen Brieze, and we are reviewing Red Faction: Guerrilla ReMarstered.


The year is 2125 and life has sustained on Mars. Starting life over on a new planet can mean new opportunities, or it can be overwhelming to adjust.  

You are demolitions engineer Alec Mason,  and you are here for those new opportunities!

What better way than to start your new adjustment then with family, your brother, Dan Mason.


After witnessing your brothers murder by the EDF, you learn of his position in the Red Faction. His mission now becomes yours and you set out all over Mars wreaking havoc and destruction.

We start off at Parker safehouse where you begin to learn the basics. Here you can buy upgrades and purchase weapons to help you in your quest for demolitia. Even though you wish you could pay for those in Earth buck’s, your money’s no good here. The Main currency here on Mars, is Salvage. You will collect this from the buildings you bring down with your trusty hammer and explosives. (You are an EXPERT, after all).

Red Faction: Guerrilla ReMarstered is an open world game. You are to liberate the oppressed all over Mars. Each stronghold that you attack and bring down, brings down the control of the EDF in your current sector and provides morale for your civilians. The more morale you have, the more civilians will join your fight.

What I really like about this game is that it’s open world. I have options in how I want to take control from the EDF. I can rescue civilians from hostage situations, or challenge myself into seeing how fast I can demolish a structure, and win Salvage to help buy upgrades.


Based off of real physics, I can tear down a building Brick by Brick. I felt this was an interesting point to try because I find myself questioning the laws of video game physics quite often. With it being open world, plus so many activities to do, there’s just something about a game with amazing backgrounds.


The only thing that I did not enjoy about the game was the driving schematics were a bit lagged; if I had to turn a hard left, the buggy would follow slowly,  so there was a bit of a delay. It also made it harder for getaways from the EDF.

You can download Red Faction: Guerilla ReMarstered for the price of $29.99 across all platforms. But wait, there’s more!

Steam Players! If you own the original game of RFG ReMarstered, you get it for FREE!


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