Hold on to your horses cowpokes! Today, Red Dead Online comes out with a new update in Frontier Pursuits.

Frontier Pursuits gives you 3 new specialist roles. Bounty Hunter, Trader, and Collector. with these new roles, you will be able to earn automatic XP for each role, for instance, if you do a bounty mission, you will rack XP toward your bounty role.

There are 20 Role Ranks that you can level up too. Every 5 ranks brings a new tier: Novice, Promising, Established, & Distinguished. Ranking earns you Rank Tokens which you can use to upgrade your roles. Upgraded roles range from being able to duck from gunshots on your horse to training your dog to warn your camp if it is raided by thieves.

Explain Queen Brieze, What’s special about these roles? Let’s get into that!

The Bounty Hunter

You will come across a Legendary Bounty Hunter and will have to purchase a BH License in order to hunt! The License costs 15 gold bars. *TWITCH PRIME MEMBER ALERT* If your profile is linked to your Rockstar Games Social Club account, you get the License for FREE!

You can pick up bounties that range in a variety of difficulties. Bring in these bounties alive and get the full reward or bring in these bounties with a posse, and everyone can get a piece of the pie!

The Collector

Traveling Saleswoman Madam Nazir has your license for the cost of 15 gold bars. But, If you play GTA Online, you can get the collectors bag for free by collecting all 54 hidden playing cards. Finding lost treasures can be valuable for your pockets! Sell what you collect to Madam Nazir individually or by the set.

The Trader

You can become a partner in the Cripps Trading Company and turn your camp into a business. and yes, this license cost 15 gold bars, but, PlayStation 4 players get the Butchers table for free! Becoming a successful trader can be a gift and a curse. As you grow your business, so does your competition. Purchase a dog to protect your camp and as you ascend to being the top trader, you can train your dog to warn you of incoming attacks.

Along with the roles, there will be improvements to player control with quicker responses to combat and movement all across the game. Change your characters look without resetting your skill and more.

So saddle up your couch and get ready to ride on an all new adventure today!