Resident Evil Village

Images Courtesy of Capcom

The bittersweet relationship between Resident Evil and I have is one for the history books. Ever since playing Resident Evil, on the the first, original, Playstation, I was captivated by the suspense and anxiety it kept me in, while also, being terrified out of my MIND at being attacked by sleeping zombies, flesh eating crows, and rabid trout mouth hounds.

As video gaming technology grew, so did the capabilities and ideas of what made Resident Evil what it is today! And my how they are delivering. Capcom dropped a demo on Resident Evil fans, where they can experience a new way, of Resident Evil play.

Not that far forward in time, from the past events of what happened with the RE protagonist, Ethan  Winters, in Resident Evil Biohazard, sets out to seek answers to his questions from Chris Redfield, and finds himself in another unthinkable scenario.

New gen players are going to be able to take advantage, and become fully immersed in the scenes and art that are brought to life with the usage of this technology.

Features from Resident Evil games, like merchant “The Duke” is here to stay, helping you buy upgrades, craftables, consumables, and recipes.  Chris Redfield’s seemingly shady ways will make a reappearance as well encountering new enemies staying in and around the village.

Combat is something that i have always felt that should never stay the same, and Capcom is listening, with their attention focusing on the evolution of combat. Ethan will be able to guard against attacks, use his new skill, a kick, that way you can gain precious seconds to make a different decision that can lead to his survival.

Not only will new gen players be able to bask in the greatness of video game horror, PS4 & Xbox One Players will still be able to enjoy the game as well, as when they upgrade to new gen consoles, The game shall upgrade for you automatically so no need to purchase a separate game to get the full immersion that Resident Evil has to offer!

Last but not least, As Resident Evil comes up on its 25th anniversary of scaring us out of our wits, RE Village will include the free multiplayer, Resident Evil : RE Verse. Players will be able to join in a 4 to 6 player battle to the Death in some of the popular locations in Resident Evil

Images Courtesy of Capcom

Check out the Resident Evil Show Case

Did you catch the showcase? if so what did you think? are you excited for Resident Evil Village?

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