Thank You to all who participated in The Gamerholics

Rate My Setup Giveaway

We asked for our members to show us their gaming setups and the members of The Gamerholics community, voted on who had the best set up. Here are the two winners. We are shouting you two out for having the best set up in the community.

Check them out! Here they are with a few words of wisdom.

Courtney Strayhan


First let me give a shout out to the Lord and savior Gaben, may my frames be ever high. Second shout out to all the folks that voted for me y’all the real MVPs. So as far as the setup I call it “Overkill” a setup to meet all your needs with a whooping 1,000 plus games between HAVOK 3.0 (my pc) PS4 Pro, and Switch. Main display is my LG 55 CX, the little boy is my stream monitor, and that 48 4k Vizio is for my switch and any retro consoles.

Dave Hodge

Death Demon77

When I started gaming, it was all about Nintendo and Super Mario Bros. I couldn’t stop playing and wanted more and more of what I viewed as the greatest thing since pizza. as the years went by, Sega, Sony, Panasonic(3DO), Atari’s return(jaguar), and eventually Microsoft joined in on the video game fun with each offering their own brand of gaming. my gaming set up is to illustrate my love for the companies who have brought me a lot of joy through a ton of heartaches and pain throughout time. I honestly cannot imagine a world without video games.

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