Medievil came to the Sony PlayStation in its later years, causing to have a small audience, yet over the years, people have come to know what it is, and thankfully, having a remaster coming soon. Created by Guerrilla Cambridge in 1998, Medievil was a PS1 exclusive gothic fantasy game that did not grow much of a fanbase upon release, Although not as popular as other PS1 titles, this game has shown the test of time, which should definitely be given a chance to anyone who loves action-adventure games.


In the kingdom of Gallowmere, there was a war a long time ago between the kingdom and the evil wizard Zarok, which ended in his defeat. Many years later, Zarok arose from his grave to exact his revenge on Gallowmere by brainwashing the people and reviving the dead as his army. Zarok’s’ magic flowed into Dan’s crypt, reviving Daniel Fortesque, who was falsely claimed as the hero of Gallowmere. Daniel ventures out to prove he is a hero, by stopping Zarok from taking over Gallowmere with his army of the dead.


In short, Medievil is an action-adventure title that stands out from the other games during the PS1 era. With each new level comes unique puzzles that gives variety for players. Near the end of each level, there will be chalices for players to collect after defeating a set number of enemies allowing the player to be sent to the Hall of Hero’s, where they can gain helpful items for Dan’s quest.

Collecting chalices every level will grant players to visit the Hall of Heros. Once players get to the Hall of Hero’s, they can be rewarded with many items which will aid them through the game. There are also different puzzles to gain some chalices in a few levels so every chalice is not an easy gain.

Life bottles count for Dan’s health, which can be upgraded by finding them throughout the game, or in the Hall of Heros. Life bottles can be filled by pools of energy and life vials throughout the levels. The same way you find chalices, extra life bottles can be found throughout some levels and given as rewards.

Although the majority of the game is action adventure, it should be no surprise the amount of platforming, considering this is a PS1 title. The controls of the game have aged better than others, but there are times where it is hard to land jumps and cause players to die until they get their jumps right.


Being a PS1 title, the graphics can be considered simple, similar to other titles for the system. Even though the game has good graphics for the PS1, the gothic atmosphere rare much during its time which makes Medievil stand out.

Along with the interesting gothic designs, the game also has great music to set the mood for the adventure. The music that plays could give possible chills to people if played in the right setting.


While fans wait for the remaster, they can still go back to the original, and the sequel that was also made for the PS1. Aside from awkward platforming, what you have here is a fun, action adventure game with a style unlike many other games for the Sony PlayStation.


·       Amazing Gothic Atmosphere

·       Fun Combat

·       Nice PS1 Graphics

·       Classic Story

·       Wide Selection of Weapons


·       Not much replay value

·       Awkward Jumping mechanics