Saints Row

Saints Row is back with an intriguing story line in their biggest open world game. We will take a trip to Santo Ileso, where you will be able to take on any role, and fulfill your dreams in becoming a self made enterprise. And what better way to rise to the stop of the criminal world, than taking it over with a friend. A tethered co-op has been created so your two can frolic in criminalistic behavior.

What features will we look forward too?

  • We are going to Witness the birth of the Saints. I live for a good storyline and voice acting.
  • Freely roam over Saints Row vast open map. I love open maps. especially if there are tons of interactivities to participate in.
  • The use of tons and Tons of Weaponry.  Hehe..Boom.
  • Still keep to the streets or fly the friendly skies….VTOLs, that is all.
  • Seamless Co-op. Drop in and out co-op makes it easier to continue on your game or link up with another friend.
  • Customization- With representation and inclusivity being immersed in a plethora of games today, Saints Row is going to let us have all the creativity when it comes to creating your Boss. (whOa)
  • More to come

To Pre Order Saints Row Click Here.

To find out more information, check their social media.

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