Tales From The Borderlands comes to Switch


Tales From The Borderlands will be available on Nintendo Switch March 24, 2021 and all 5 Episodes will be available. No need to wait for individual releases of the game. So add it to your cart and set your calendar to download a piece of The Borderlands action. This is cannon in the series, so if you haven’t played it, make sure to add it to your collection.

What’s The Deets?

This part in The Borderlands Series is in between The Borderlands 2 and 3. What made this a fun cannon series to play, is that it took on a choice driven perspective to where the conversations and interactions between certain characters, changed the narrative of your game play. Want to delve deeper behind the characters beginnings? this is your chance to get to know them and how they came about.

The story focus’ behind two protagonist, Fiona and Rhys, a con-artist who has been making her fortune selling fake vault keys, and a Hyperion employee who looks up to the now deceased Handsome Jack and is in the hunt for a vault key. Somewhere along the line of their deal, things for awry and now mayhem is all over The Borderlands, as if it weren’t already.



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Demeo, A dungeon crawler experience in VR

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