Taxi Chaos


Oh bring me back to my dreamcast days! I remember sitting up late night, with a large half cheese and pepperoni pizza, 2 liter Mug root beer and box of vanilla wafer cookies, sitting in front of the television, and picking up customers left and right and beating the clock to get them to their destinations. That was the good old days.

Well those days are back! Lion Castle Games has brought a new and modern twist on a classic. Get ready to take on the role of New Yellow City (NYC) drivers, and pick up the craziest of customers. Navigate through the crowded streets, plowing through mailboxes, light post, all while avoiding pedestrians to get where you have to go. You will be able to drive over rooftops and defy those video game physics.

Taxi Chaos is available on PS4/ PS5 , Switch, and Xbox One this month.

Queen Brieze
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