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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Reveal

When it comes to showcasing a fun, interactive horror experience, and with titles like Friday The 13th: The Game and Layers Of Fear 2 under their belts, Gun Interactive does not disappoint.  Now, partnered with Sumo-Nottingham, whos titles include the loved and newly released Forza Horizon 5 and other racing greats like Forza Horizon 4 (STEAM) and Team Sonic Racing; we can expect realism in the artwork and seamless game mechanics in the gameplay.

“We’re incredibly excited to finally reveal what we’ve been working on here at Sumo Nottingham. To be the first to truly bring the world of The Texas Chain saw Massacre to life was an opportunity that could not be passed. The cult classic has been terrifying and spellbinding people for over 40 years and we’re thrilled with how the game is developing, we cannot wait for fans old and new to become part of this truly authentic experience.”

Darren Champion | Executive Producer |Sumo Nottingham

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is based of off the findings of one the most horrid crimes in American history. First brought to the big screen in 1974, by Tobe Hooper, making its way into a video game by VSS, Inc in 1983, and then remade with a modern spin in 2003 with Director Marcus Nispel; starring Jessica Biel, being ranked as the best adaptation of this cult american horror classic. Now these two power house studios are teaming up, to bring us another spin in how horror gaming is continuously evolving.

It’s no secret that the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is probably my favourite horror film ever created. Having the chance to really dive into the world of this IP with the team from Gun and working with Sumo to bring this vision to life has been almost surreal. I can’t wait for everyone to see more of what we’re doing.” 

Ronnie Hobbs| Creative Director | Gun Interactive

This story will be updated as the development of the game progresses. In the meantime, check out the reveal trailer released at The Game Awards December 10th 2021

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