I Wish I Never Lost My Hype

Today we got to see some much needed gameplay footage and even more story elements that Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 has to offer. And it looks amazing!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years since the first TLoU was released and helped change how narrative games are made. We got to follow Joel’s journey through the post-apocalyptic world as he takes Ellie, a little girl who can’t be infected by the deadly virus to a group called the Firefly’s. Many consider it one of the greatest games ever created and after a very long wait we will get to see if it’s sequel can not only live up to the hype but see if the delays were worth it. 

I was an avid TLoU fan, even before it’s trailer debut, I knew the first game was going to be amazing but Part 2 hasn’t gotten my excitement for it until today. You see we were shown this game years ago, one of the biggest problems with the videogame industry. There was no set date, we had no idea how far along it was and Sony/Naughty Dog just kept stringing us along and when they did give us a release date it was delayed of course.

Back in April, a month before it’s release we heard that it’s getting pushed back again due to Covid-19 even though other titles had been releasing just fine during it. Eventually we get a hard release date of June 19th, 2020 and it’s nearly here!

Naughty Dog has been releasing new content these last few weeks to get the hype for the game back up again because boy do they need it after such a long wait and I’m happy to say their most recent video, clocking in over 20 minutes long does the trick for me.

We get to see a lot of the environments in Seattle where the game is mostly based in and different weather areas. Mostly the big hype for me was seeing the different infected and hearing some sort of new infected monster that was not shown but heard and it sounded deadly. The video ends with 8 minutes of gameplay of Ellie sneaking and killing a lot of people in some very intense and brutal ways. 

I love The Last of Us  since the moment it was announced nearly 10 years ago and even with my hype of the sequel not as big I can’t wait to get my hands on it and see what is in store for our Ellie and Joel and how messed up the world has gotten since we were last in it. 

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